NATO Lamps

NATO Lamps

Ronfell Group (1985) is an internationally recognised company, designing, developing and manufacturing a wide range of specialised lamps and lighting, flame retardant silicone rubber and electronic components for defence applications. We also supply (NSN) National Stock Number products worldwide.

The company operates a quality management system which has been assessed to the quality system standard BS EN ISO9001. Military Admiralty Red low level light fluorescent NATO lamps emitting red light between 600 and 700 nanometres. NSN 6240-99-996-2235 4W Admiralty red fluorescent, NSN 6240-99-996-2252 6W Admiralty red fluorescent, National Stock Number (NSN) 6240-99-996-5264 8W Admiralty red fluorescent. Other NATO lamps with NATO codes 6240-99-726-5083, 2444, 4686, standard reds available.

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Ronfell is a renowned supplier of LED lighting for military aircraft lighting. Ronfell NATO lamps provides the benchmark LED lighting for military aircraft. Products range includes external lighting systems, internal cockpit/cabin lighting, and positional, landing and taxi lights.

As a means to replace costly, power-hungry 400w floodlights, our high powered LED / SMD Floodlights use a single efficient LED to a maximum power of 1000w to deliver powerful luminous efficiency throughout its impressive 70,000 hour lifespan. Using a unique reflector design to increase light uniformity, our high powered SMD Floodlights have proven their worth in offices, warehouses, hospitals and sports stadiums in the past. We have supplied products to the Brazilian Navy, Babcock Marine and British Aerospace.

Military sites and compounds demand great lighting for its residents, and the IP67 floodlight ensures a well-lit and safe environment is paramount to the security of the base. The 150W LED Floodlight is crafted to withstand the harsh and wet operations of military life to continue its ultra bright 12600 lumen beam to wherever its 120 degree viewing angle permits.

Special Grade T5 SMD lighting tubes focus on their unique red night vision capabilities, a must for military submarines, aircraft and road vehicles, with excellent value for money. This is justified by long life (60,000 hours) surface mounted diodes (SMD), 68% current reduction and a 22% lux output increase against aging fluorescent tubes.