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Acoustic/PIR Fire & Intruder Security Alarm Systems

Passive Infrared Detector (PIR) and advanced Acoustic Presence Detectors (APD) allow positive dynamic lighting control reducing electrical costs by over 80 per cent in offices, factories, car parks and garages. Dynamically switching off or reducing (Soft Dim) the power to light fittings when no presence is detected also reduces maintenance costs and carbon emissions. The acoustic detectors solve the problem in presence detection. This also became an important component in our dynamic lighting concept for premises that have frequent brief visits, such as stairways, garages, corridors, storage areas, changing rooms. This innovation can reduce energy wastage by 80–90 percent. Energy efficiency is further improved by using LED Fluorescent lamps with a life of over 60,000 hours. Emergency back-up luminaires using led fluorescents have a 30-40 hours illumination.

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Positioning of detectors

The microphones should be positioned at up to twice the radius between them. The range of the microphones can be 20 – 25 m radius depending on acoustic conditions. Ceilings provided with acoustic plates can reduce the range of the HF signal. Connection of the microphones, which are connected in parallel, can use EKKX 1 x 4 x 0.25 mm2.